Bryan Mccloskey

Bryan Mccloskey

Chemical Faculty Engineer
(510) 642-2295


Bryan D. McCloskey joined the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at the University of California, Berkeley, and the BMR program at LBNL in January 2014. His research broadly focuses on characterization of new battery materials that have promise to improve upon the performance of current state-of-the-art Li-ion batteries.  He was previously a Research Staff Member at IBM Almaden Research Center, where he worked on the BATT 500 project to elucidate fundamental characteristics of electrochemical processes occurring in Li-O2 batteries. His PhD thesis, supervised by Benny Freeman at the University of Texas at Austin, focused on molecular transport through microporous and dense polymeric membranes, with a particular emphasis on membranes for water purification. He received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines where his research, supervised by Drs. Thomas McKinnon and Andrew Herring, focused on employing molecular beam mass spectrometry to characterize aromatic hydrocarbon formation during pyrolysis of cellulosic chars.

Previous Appointments

Research Staff Member, IBM Almaden Research Center, 2012-2013
Postdoctorate, IBM Almaden Research Center 2009-2011


Charles W. Tobias Young Investigator Award: Bryan McCloskey -  July 30th 2020
Bryan McCloskey, a chemical faculty engineer in the Energy Storage Group at ESDR, has received the 2020 Charles W. Tobias Young Investigator Award from The Electrochemical Society, a member-led organization dedicated to advancing electrochemical and solid state science. The biannual award recognizes “outstanding scientific and/or engineering work in fundamental or applied electrochemistry or solid-state science and technology by a young scientist or engineer.”
McCloskey’s research broadly focuses on characterization of new battery materials that have promise to improve upon the performance of current state-of-the-art Li-ion batteries. As part of the award, McCloskey will receive $5,000, complimentary registration for the society’s fall meeting, a dinner held in his honor, a framed scroll and life membership.
“Winning this award is particularly special to me because it bears the name of Prof. Charles W. Tobias, one of the founding faculty of the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department at UC Berkeley,” McCloskey said. “He was a beloved figure, not only due to his pioneering contributions to the electrochemical sciences, but also for his empathy and kindness.
“I am grateful and indebted to the students, postdocs, and colleagues that I have had the privilege of working with and learning from throughout the years, and this award recognizes their continuing influence on our laboratory.”
Scialog Fellow -  November 01st 2017

Bryan McCloskey was selected as a Scialog Fellow in the November 2017 Advanced Energy Storage Scialog Symposium.

2017 Mellichamp Distinguished Lecturer -  September 06th 2017

Bryan McCloskey was selected as the 2017 Mellichamp Distinguished Lecturer by the junior faculty in the Chemical Engineering Department at Georgia Tech.

National Science Foundation Career Award -  July 01st 2017

Bryan McCloskey received a National Science Foundation Career Award through Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems (CBET).

NSF Career Award -  January 01st 2017

Novel redox-active electrolyte additives to enhance efficiency and direct product selectivity in electroreduction reactions

Science Award Electrochemistry -  October 28th 2015

Received the Science Award Electrochemistry from BASF and Volkswagon for his “outstanding research in the area of lithium-oxygen batteries.” His works has “decisively contributed to the deeper understanding” of these batteries.

Early Career Analytical Electrochemistry Prize of ISE Division 1 -  September 01st 2015

Bryan McCloskey received the Early Career award from the International Society of Electrochemistry in recognition of his recent achievements in analytical electrochemistry.